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News And Events

USA Students Visit to P.G.Deptt. of English October 06, 2016

A group of ten students from Various Universities of U.S.A Visited the P.G. Dept. Of English to interact with the students. These students were accompanied by Dr. Harini Narayanan, India Programs Director, AIICS-CET.UW in India.

 Prof. Sukhmeen Bedi, HOD, English introduced them to the faculty and also told them about the rich history of 125 years old Khalsa College, Amritsar. During their visit students exchanged their views on culture, literature, politics, education scenario in India and U.S.A. The Indian students were keen to know the subjects offered by U.S. Universities. They were quite surprised by the variety of interdisciplinary subjects offered in the American Universities. The medical students could opt for music as a subject.

These students also visited the Sikh History, Research Department and museum. And saw old rare handwritten manuscripts and weapons used during Sikh wars. They were particularly impressed by the building, infrastructure and faculty.