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KCGC Organises Nagar Kirtan to commemorate 552th Guru Nanaks Parkash Purab.


A colourful religious procession today took off from historic Khalsa College to reach Golden Temple amidst much-fanfare and religious fervour. The students from various educational institutions under Khalsa College Governing Council (KCGC) formed queues, chanted holy hymns from Gurbani and paraded through various parts of the city to pay obeisance at Harmandar Sahib.

The procession was part of the 552th birth anniversary `Parkash Purab’ of Guru Nanak Dev, said the management. The display of Gatkas (Sikh martial art), music of the bands, PT Show and beating of the drums was witnessed as the students chanted hymns. The procession, led by the decorated palanquin in which the Guru Granth Sahib was placed, had the participants clad in colourful dresses and attires.

The Panj Piaras (five beloveds), the top management functionaries, Principals, teaching and non-teaching staff of the colleges and schools took part in the massive parade, which passed through GT Road, Putlighar, Railway Station, Bhandari Bridge, Hall Gate, Hall Bazar, Kotwali and culminated at Ghanta Ghar outside the Golden Temple precincts.