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Lecture delivered on Sikh philosophy and teachings of Sikh Gurus on 20 August 2019


To continue with the commemorations of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a lecture was delivered by Sardar Jaswinder Singh Khalsa on Sikh philosophy and teachings of Sikh Gurus, in the College seminar hall on August 20, 2019. Principal Dr. Mehal Singh welcomed Khalsa Ji and apprised him about the rich heritage of Khalsa College.  

            During his lecture, Khalsa Ji shared the concerns that people especially Sikhs in Punjab have been deviated from the teachings of Sikhs Gurus. This has resulted in to crisis that made the lives of these people very stressed and complicated. The reason is that the parents have failed to inculcate Sikh values to their wards. It is pity that people think visiting Gurdwaras, contributing in langars and reading baani without knowing its meaningis enough to be a Sikh.

            Khalsa Ji also cautioned that certain forces in Punjab are engaged in deviating the Sikhs from Sikh philosophy either through introducing or promoting deras or by allowing the spread of drugs in the state. What he suggested to protect themselves from such invasions is to connect oneself with Sikh philosophy. He further emphasised that we all must feel presence of Almighty everywhere and must perform our duties rightfully. He also emphasised to implement Sikh Guru's teaching in our daily life. Meanwhile he encouraged the students to read Gurbani and to understand its meaning.

            In order to encourage the students he shared several personal anecdotes of his life, where God made him from common man to a privileged man with plentiful material and spiritual wealth. He told that he also helps the needy students who are poor but wish to peruse education. In the end, he highlighted the prevailing situation of Punjab surrounded with grave challenges. He told that he wants to help Punjab to see it as a prosperous state. A large number of staff members and students were present during the lecture.