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Khalsa College Amritsar organised Guest lecture on Ideas of Physics Bhavsagar

The Post Graduate Department of Physics, Khalsa College Amritsar organized a guest lecture on “Ideas of Physics & Bhavsagar”. The resource person was Dr. BirBikram Singh from Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib. Principal Dr. Mehal Singh welcomed the guest. He expressed his hope that students and teachers would learn a lot from this comprehensive, interesting and fruitful lecture which correlates the ideas of physics with philosophy, religion and mysticism. Apart from his extraordinary achievements in the field of research in nuclear Physics, Principal appreciated his efforts and interest in social works including tackling farmer suicide menace in Punjab. Dr BirBikram Singh thanked Principal Dr Mehal Singh for providing him opportunity to interact with students and teachers of Khalsa College, Amritsar. He started his lecture with the note that limitations of the human sensory organs has been overcome by the advancements in the field of Science & Technology. Specifically, during last two centuries the exploration of matter resulted into landmark discovery of an electron and subsequent advent of Quantum Mechanics. Moreover, five discoveries of electronic digital computer, LASER, optical fibre, transistor and world wide web eventually resulted into the age we are living in i.e. information age. As now the information has become capital asset, which can be stored as well as shared at very high speed, with low cost, globally. All these developments has led us to see, hear and speak to any body anywhere in the world. Still, all these developments have further limitations and in a way explore our inability to fully explore "the Bhavsagar". It is relevant to mention here that whatever we detect and perceive with our physical senses directly or indirectly is 'Bhavsagar', according to one of the definitions given by Gurbani. Guru Nanak Sahib cautioned us in "JapJi Sahib" not to be so eager to find the end of this endless creation, rather be seeker of the ultimate truth by surrendering ownself to the supreme will.
Dr. Harvinder Kaur, Head of the physics department thanked Dr. BirBikram Singh for sharing invaluable thoughts with students and faculty which would certainly enhance their knowledge and interest in Physics, the Creator and his creation. She also thanked organisers Dr. Taminder Singh, Dr. Gursharan Kaur, Dr. Iqbal Singh, Dr. Mohan Singh, Dr. Joga Singh and other faculty members and students who interactively participated in the event.