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Seminar on Science Behind Healthy Life by Dr. Avinash Nagpal on 11th November 2017

The Botanical Society and P.G. Department of Botany, Khalsa College Amritsar organized one day seminar on"Science Behind Healthy Life"on 11/11/2017. Dr. Avinash Nagpal, Professor Department of Botanical & Environmental Sciences, GNDU Amritsar was the speaker of the seminar. In the welcome speech Dr. Mehal Singh mentioned the importance of such type of informative lecture along with classroom teaching for knowledge enhancement of students. Dr. Avinash Nagpal explained the interrelation of science, environment and diet in keeping the life healthy. She put emphasis on role of a good social environment, regular exercise, meditation, Yoga, routine medical checkup, positivity and self-analysis in healthy living. Dr. Avinash Nagpal added the role of various active principles from different herbs used in our day to day life. She explained the potential of curcumin from turmeric, lycopene from tomato, essential oil from dry fruits, catechins from tea, barberin from barberry against various ailments. She also mentioned the dose/day of these phytoconstituents. She showed the serious concerns towards our deteriorating environment caused by human activities. She mentioned the exponential growth in human population as major cause in deteriorating the environment. Prof. Kirandeep Kaur Hundal, Head P.G. Deptt. of Botany, Dr. M.S. Batra, Dr. Heminder Singh, Dr. Harjinder Singh, Dr. Madhu, Dr. Rajbir Singh, Dr. Prabhjit Kaur were present on the occasion.


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