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Tech-Era Computer Society of Khalsa College Amritsar organized seminar on Real Life Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Tech-Era Computer Society of Khalsa College Amritsar organized seminar on “Real Life Applications of Artificial Intelligence”. The seminar was delivered by Dr.Gurpreet Singh Lehal, Professor & Dean, College Development Council, Punjabi University, Patiala. Principal Dr. Mehal Singh and Prof. Harbhajan Singh, Head and convener of Tech Era Computer Society, P.G. Department of Computer Science and Applications welcomed Dr.Gurpreet Singh Lehal by giving him a living plant. Dr. Mehal Singh appreciated the efforts of Computer Science department for organizing this seminar for the students which will be beneficial for them. The purpose of this seminar was to aware the students about the Applications of the Artificial Intelligence in real life.

In the seminar Dr.Gurpreet Singh talked about the importance of Artificial Intelligence in various fields like automatic image capturing, Amazon, cashier less Go store, Google driverless car, face recognition, text recognition, education. He explained the role of Artificial Intelligence in health care like Google AI which can predict heart emotions from the eye scan. He encouraged the students to be ready for the upcoming revolution in Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Mani Arora, Co-convener Tech-Era Computer Society gave a vote of thanks to the delegates and played a vital role in coordinating this seminar. During the seminar Prof. Sonali Tuli, Prof. Vishal Gupta, Prof. Simranjeet Kaur, Prof. Kulbir Kaur and other staff members were also present there.

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