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Experiential Learning Module (ELM 423) conducted in the department of Soil Science during the session 2019-20


The department of Soil Science, P.G. Department of Agriculture, Khalsa College, Amritsar conducting module ELM-423 (Soil, Plant, Water and Seed testing) during the session 2019-2020. This module provides training to the students of B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) – 4th year. There are 5 students getting training under this module which helps to train them how to test  soil, water, plant and seed samples and how to analyse the nutrient content present in these various samples. The samples are collected from the student’s research farm, Khalsa College, Amritsar as well as the region belongs to the students residence i.e. different regions of Punjab.

During this period, students will also learn about different methods for analysing the physical and chemical properties of soil, plant nutrient content, and salts present in water samples and also test the viability and germination of seeds. This programme will help the student to analyse the requirement of the crop and soil by avoiding excess application of nutrients so as to eliminate the nutrient deficiencies and to maintain soil fertility status. Also, makes them capable to work in chemical laboratory which will helpful for them to join research work efficiently in various chemical labs.

Seed testing

Nitrogen estimation in soil

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