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Experiential Learning Module (ELM 426) conducted in the department of Horticulture during the session 2019-20


The department of Horticulture, Khalsa College Amritsar conducting training module ELM- 426 (Commercial horticulture) during the session 2019-20. In this module, hand on training for the commercial horticulture is practised to the students of B. Sc. (Agriculture) -4th year. There are 62 students divided into two groups getting training under the ELM - 426. During the course, students will be trained for nursery raising and orchards floor management. Among which, various cultural activities for nursery raising (preparation of different kind of growing media, filling of different size of polybags with growing media), seed sowing of various fruit plants and transplanting of seedlings to the polybags, pruning of grapevines, phalsa plants and lemon trees were successfully practised. Students had also learned different irrigation methods (basin, ring-basing, double ring-basin etc) in fruit orchard especially for the citrus plants. In this training module, students will also learn about different propagation techniques and usage of various tools for the horticultural nursery raising.

Transplanting the grafted plants to polybags

Preparation of double ring basin method in citurs

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