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Activities on socio-cultural, agricultural and health aspects organised by P.G. Department of Agriculture under RAWE Program


Students of B.Sc. Agriculture (Semester 7th) of P.G. Department of Agriculture under RAWE Program organized a number of activities concerning with socio-cultural, agricultural and health aspects of the selected villages on 4th – 5th October, 2019.   
To strengthen the students from their grass roots level, students of the department arranged a series of interactive sessions with students of Public and Private schools of village Adliwal (Amritsar). The core emphasis of this program was laid on the making the young brains aware about the current issues, sensitizing them general problems of the society (e.g. health issues, rising pollution and deleterious effects of stubble burring on health and environment), women health, women empowerment, drug addiction and career counseling. In government school, about 30 students from 10th class attended these interactive lectures wherein, private school approx. 65 students from 9th to 12th classes attended the program. 
Ms. Prabhjoban Kaur briefed the students about the Khalsa College Amritsar and addressed them about prevailing agricultural issues viz; impact of stubble burning and excessive use of pesticides on health and environment. 
Ms. Navdeep Kaur sensitized the students about the ill-effects of drug addiction.
Mr. Shehbaaz Kohli guided the students about the various career options after the schooling. 

Ms. Navpreet Kaur and Ms. Anmol Kaur through their talks with students highlighted the need of Women Empowerment for a balanced society and also, regarding the various government subsidies to develop and support women entrepreneurs. 
Mr. Taranveer Minhas and Ms. Prabhjoban Kaur motivated students to participate in co-curricular activities for brushing their overall personality. 
All other students of the department encouraged the school students individually and answered their queries. Students from the school actively participated in this event with great curiosity

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